Did you know that the Margherita Pizza was named in honor of the Queen of Italy? If you are curious about how we came up with the name for our classic Bubba Bubba Pizza, you are in for a treat...literally!

Piero and I travel to Colorado every summer for a vacation in a sleepy little cowpoke town called Norwood. Two summers ago we were driving down the highway to the ranch we stay at and noticed a lone bison pacing behind a gated fence. When inquiring to friends and neighbors the story of this bison, we heard his previous owner had a bison ranch and when he had been diagnosed with cancer sold off all the bison but one that had been his pet. Bubba had been a weakling and needed to be hand fed and as a result was very friendly. His owner passed and Bubba was given to a neighboring rancher. Bison are herd animals and Bubba was left alone to pine for his herd pacing the fence day in and day out.

We found this very disturbing and got busy to find Bubba a more appropriate home. We located a bison reserve outside of Denver that was in need of another male for breeding to keep the herd alive. Bubba was in luck. The handler came with a huge truck to transport Bubba to the reserve where he now lives happily among his buddies.

Piero and I were so grateful for this experience that we wanted to remember Bubba thus we named a pizza in his honor.